Nail Expert Makeover

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    106 Video Lessons on how to care for and have beautiful nails!

    The first 26 lessons are included and the others can be added at any time.


    How To: Grow Care & Paint Your Nails
    How To Paint Your Nails
    Black And Teal Nail Design For Short Nails
    Burberry Nail Tutorial
    Butterfly Nails
    Neon Orange & Dark Blue Nail Tutorial!!
    Marble Inspired Nail Tutorial
    Pink And Green Polka Dots
    Razzle Dazzle
    Fireworks Inspired Nail Tutorial
    Funky Neon Nails
    Funky Pink & Yellow Paw Prints
    Aqua Blue Fresh Nails
    Hot Pink And Black Nail Design Tutorial
    Neon Green Color Block Nail Design
    Keynotes For Peace Nail Tutorial
    Lady Bug Nail Tutorial
    Lady Gaga - Bad Romance Inspired Nails
    Rainbow Nail Tips
    Moroccan Magenta
    Mooooo Milk Cow Print Farm Design For Short Nails
    Easter Bun Bun Bunny Rabbit Egg Design For Short Nails
    Beanie Baby Peek-A-Boo Finger Army
    Totoro Japanese
    Kitty Heaven Black Cat Cute Dream Clouds Design
    Nail Art Tutorial Black & White Butterfly
    Finger Army Shaytards Family Portrait Character Cartoon Design For Short Nails
    Halloween Nails Art Tutorial
    Music Notes Design For Short Nails
    Love Birds Romantic Blue Pink Flower Design
    Grave Digger Ghost Twins Spider Cat Tombstone Graveyard
    Bubble Fish Ocean Beach Holiday French Tip Manicure Design
    Sleeping Bear
    Morality Monkeys
    Twilight Kitty Cat
    Easter Egg Bunny Animal Design
    Backyard Snail Spring Garden Design
    Black Opal Dolphin Nail Art Design
    Little Green Men Cute Alien Invasion
    Fimo Characters Design
    Rosy Cheeks Santa Clause Xmas
    Heavenly Christmas Angels Xmas Holiday Design
    Counting Sheep Dream Design
    Miss Fimonese Fimo Clay Slice Character
    Bat Pig Cute Animal Design For Short Nails
    Pumpkin Patch Design For Short Nails
    Dizzy Bunny Rabbit Animal Design
    Gingerbread Kitchen
    Chinese New Year Nail Art
    Tiger Stripes Nail Design
    Spring Flowers
    Super Easy St. Patrick's Day Nails
    Purple Rock Star Nails
    Flower Nail Art Tutorial
    Nail Tutorial: Simple Star
    Basic Zebra Nails
    Pixie Lott- Mama Do
    Plum Gradient Nails
    Short Nails: Symbiote
    Lady Gaga Chillin' Inspired Nail Tutorial
    Black Contrasts (Matte/Glossy)
    Snowflake Nail Tutorial
    Winter Wonderland
    Live Water Marbling
    Fairy Nails
    Easy Blue & Yellow Nail Art
    Formal Prom Flower Nails
    Green And Blue Nails
    Blue And Bronze Nails
    Pink French With Yellow Flowers
    Purple Glitter Finger & Toe Nail Art Design Combo
    Lady Gaga Pearl Wedding Yukiumi Nail Art Dollface
    Orange With Spider Web Tips Drag Marble Nail Art
    Black On White Abstract Nails
    Blue & Silver Stars Nail Art Design
    Green Summer Dots & Flower Nail Art Design Tutorial
    Rainbow Animal Print Acrylic Flower Nail Design
    Golden Flakes & Beads Over A Purple French Manicure
    Colorful Big Glitters / Small Glitters On Pink
    Paint Splatter Nails
    Minnie Mouse Nail Art
    Yellow Zebra Nail Art
    Palm Tree Nail Art
    Bridal Nail Art
    Easy Nail Art: Polka Dot Nails For Beginners
    Flower Nail Art
    M&M Nail Art
    Newspaper Nail Art
    Comic Strip Nail Art
    Fimo Fruit Nail Art
    Checkered Nails
    Bumble Bee Nails
    Cookie Monster Nails
    Cherry Design For Short Nails
    Easy Galaxy Nail Art
    Peacock Nails
    Water Marble Nail Art
    Pac-Man Nails
    Breast Cancer Awareness Nails
    Shooting Stars
    Smiley Face Nails
    Spring Nails
    Sunset Funky Nails
    Valentine's Day Red Nails
    Cheetah Design
    Great Britain Nails

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