National Skin Institute



At National Skin Institute we have qualified and experienced professionals to provide care for the wellness of ndividuals by supporting skin health and groomed appearance.

Our staff have backgrounds in nursing, Dermalclinicians and beauty therapy. Together we have formed an expert team to provide services of non-surgical cosmetic procedures and clinical dermal management and pampering treatments.

National Skin Institute offers a full range of paramedical skin treatments and pampering relaxing treatments for a healthier and more radiant face and body for women, men and children.

Paramedical Treatments available at National Skin Institute include:

Therapeutic laser treatment
Herbal Aktiv peel and resurfacing peels
Skin tag and benign skin lesion removal
Scar reduction
Stretch mark revision
Dietary advice
Acne control
Sun-damaged and pre-matured ageing
Capillaries, haemangioma and fibroma
Psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis

Relaxed and Rejuvenating Treatments available at National Skin
Institute include:
Purifying facial treatment
Specialized rejuvenating facial
Relaxing body massage
Back massage
Eyelash perm
Eyelash and eyebrow tint
Hair removal (hot and strip wax)

At National Skin Institute we have observed and listened to the feedback of our clients for over 100 years and offer best quality and reliable paramedical grade and rejuvenating skincare products to improve skin condition.

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