Naturespace: Ultimate Oceans



This add-on application requires the free Naturespace app.

Naturespace Ultimate Oceans Collection puts you at the shoreline of the most beautiful oceans with all of their inherent natural splendor.

Includes these seven incredible tracks...

Midnight Tide
The Liquid Phase
Imminent Wavefront
Reef Breakers and Slow Fizz
Tempest Landing
The Dreaming Phase

Because of our unique recording techniques, all 3 dimensions (including height) are accurately reproduced, providing the headphone listener with a true “being there” experience. The sonic accuracy is so convincingly real that it creates an immediate positive impact on the listener’s state of mind. The 3-D experience quickly triggers a lasting physiological sense of safety, peace, and tranquility. Our holographic ambiences transport the listener like nothing else on the planet. It is a truly profound new way of listening.

Holographic sound provides the brain with the sense of openness and vastness that is so important to a balanced state of well-being. Naturespace is a spectacular catalyst for creative visualization and imaginative exploration. Just put on your headphones, and close your eyes. You’ll see.

Five additional add-on applications bring you the finest selections from our vast catalog, and are exclusively playable from within the free Naturespace app.

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