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※ ▶ navigation applications , such as web-surfing while using the app to receive calls ! ◀ ※
Usage :

Benefits and Features ※ ※ Applications
1. Use threesome applications ( navigation , games, movies, etc. .. or any application ) to continue to use hasimyeonseo can receive phone calls .
2. You can adjust the size of the pop-up window .
3. Can adjust the transparency of the popup window .
4. You can save the location of the pop-up window ( call termination is automatically stored in the location . )
5. Speaker mode ( the span currency) can be set.
( Phone calls or dialing mode to connect the span will soon .)
6. During a call, you can switch to speaker mode .
7. Executed at boot time , or you do not have to use all execution .
( It does not reside in the memory of the smartphone resource management on a glass. )
8. The reaction rate is faster than similar applications .
9. Domestic market to support all of the handset manufacturers .
10. Make or receive calls , the sender (receiver) , the name is shown on the stored number .
11. Call at the end so that you can check whether the duration of the call will.
12. Application you want to run a pop-up calls can be registered.
13. Rejection letters sent out automatically when receiving a call ( while driving is . Arrival we will contact you .) => Pro version

★ How to Use Outgoing ★
1. Registration on or use the navigation app , press homki .
2. Use the dial to make the call.
3. Use in a short period of time did he call that application will be shown and again .

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