News Pal™ (voice browser)

News Pal™ (voice browser)

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Utilizing the latest state of the art text-to-speech and speech recognition technologies, VoiceSee™ News Pal is the world's first hands-free *and* eyes-free newspaper web browser for your Android mobile phone or tablet.
* Reading your favorite newspaper while commuting to work or... on the beach, in that beautiful sunny day.
* listening to online digital media, enjoying a calm and relaxed breakfast instead of fast and furious headline scanning.
* Having the opportunity to take your daily power walk while listening to the latest news

News Pal gives you more choices to enjoy the things you routinely strive for in your life.

Use your voice to tell The New York Times which section to read. Speak to navigate through the previews, articles and sections via voice only – no need to use your eyes either, because Sadie (the voice of VoiceSee) will be reading you, the entry's content. All you have to do is listen.

Enjoy the "Dick Tracy" access to Internet - ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. This is unlike anything you have seen before: Siri doesn't read you websites. VoiceSee does! Screen readers don't listen. VoiceSee does!

As an added bonus, you can say: “Google!” and you will hear News Pal prompting you for the search term. You can visit any website using News Pal, just like any web browser.


There are also usage FAQs at:

1. When prompted to speak, always wait one or two seconds after the low tone double-beep.
2. Sometimes, you may need to repeat the answer in order to be heard.
3. To interrupt Sadie in the middle of a paragraph, touch the Search button.
4. To interrupt Sadie at the end of paragraphs, talk as soon as you hear the double-beep: "stop!" or "pause!"
5. To continue from the next paragraph, say: "continue!".
6. To disable scrolling & link opening via touch, say: "Disable Touch!". To re-enable, say: "Enable Touch!"
7. To skip directly to an NYT section, just its name. e.g. "Business!", "Technology!", etc.
8. To go The Wall Street Journal, say: “The Journal!”
9. To make Sadie speak faster (or slower) say: "Speak faster!" (or "Speak more slowly!").
10. To reset to default speech rate say: "Speak normal!"
11. To accurately spell a search term or phrase, enter SPELL mode by saying: "Let me spell it for you!" (or just "Let me spell!"). Then, spell each letter only after Sadie has acknowledged the recognition of the previous letter.
12. To exit SPELL mode, say: "finish spelling", "end spelling" or "spelling complete".
13. To skip 1-9 paragraphs when reading an article, just say the number (e.g. "one!", "three!", etc.)
14. If you're not sure what to say, just say: “Help!”
15. Shake your phone to wake up listening if stuck (acknowledged by Sadie saying "Ouch!")

To use a headset with PAUSE/PLAY, NEXT & PREV buttons, press:
1. PAUSE/PLAY (middle) to pause. Press it again to continue.
2. NEXT (bottom) to immediately skip to the next item in the list.
3. PREV (top) to immediately go back to the previous item in the list.
*Pressing headset buttons while NOT reading an item or an article may produce erratic results. Use this feature only when Sadie reads an item from a list.

Note: although you can visit any website using News Pal, it is currently optimized for the following sites only: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Onion. Based on your feedback, it will support other news websites -- Please tell us which ones you want to access via News Pal.

Language: English
Devices:Android (version 2.2 and higher)

Software Requirements:
Google Voice Search must be installed on the Android phone. Note: most devices are already equipped with Google Voice Search. Otherwise, it can be freely downloaded from Google Play.

VoiceSee™ News Pal is FREE as long as it's in beta.

Tags: culinary pal, voicesee culinary pal, voice newspaper.

Recently changed in this version

Bugfix TTS engine on some Jelly Bean devices.
+ NYT previews are back. :)
+ Settings > More > Make this a Start Page
+ Delete a startpage you added, by long-pressing it on the Start Page preference list.
+ Shorter prompts for New York Times & Google (user option, via settings) --
+ To search via Google, say: "Go to Google!", "Search by Google!", "Search via Google!" or "Take me to Google!"
+ 0 (zero) in Pause Duration setting will skip pause for user interjection.

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