Night Time



Set up your phone for night time. Good night!

The program allows you to adjust the volume of calls, notices and other sounds for night time.

As simple and quite functional interface allows you to quickly customize the behavior of your phone at night and sleep peacefully.

* Start time exposed to the selected day of the week. If the completion time is less than the start time, the night will end the day at a specified time
* tick, what settings to change upon the occurrence of night-time and expose the desired values ​​for nighttime and daytime
* in group 'Volume' you can specify exceptions for contacts, if you call that at night will include day-time mode and you do not miss important calls

* Uninstall with enabled internet, otherwise you will have to restore your internet connection manually in phone

* Choice of the week.
* the timing for each day of the week.
* change the sound volume.
* change mode vibration.
* change ringtones.
* change data transfer. (as in ApnDroid)
* change WiFi
* change GPS
* change mode in the plane.
* change the screen brightness
* change Bluetooth
* exceptions for selected contacts - no one more important call is not to be missed! (for MIUI please enable "MIUI third-party access")
* widgets of night time: all, volume, wi-fi, apn(internet),Bluetooth (Only in Pro version)

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