Norske Barnenavn



Create a list of all your favorite norwegian names for you baby.
This app is currently only available in swedish, I will make some effort to translate it into norwegian soon. If you feel like helping out with the translation, please contact me at

There is a free version with swedish names available which can be used as a demo of this app.

Are you about to become a parent? A lot has to be done and bought, and finally a name for the new born must be selected. This app contains all (or at least almost all) norwegian names. You can easily search through the list of names and mark your favorites. Your final list of favorite names can be sent via mail to yourself or to someone close to you to continue the discussions together.
Boys names are shown in blue, girls names in pink and names that can be used for both boys and girls are shown in green.
Good luck with your search for a name for your child, and don't forget that whichever name you finally select will be perfect for your child!

Please, do not heistate to contact us using the email address below if you have any suggestions for improvements, questions, etc.

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