Omni Note Pro



"Omni-Note" !! Innovative Note Application.

Pro version is released!!
(This application is optimized on 800x1280 resolution)

Let’s write down your ideas, plans, memories and so on… on Omni-Note.

Please write by using Legato Pen or Capacitive touch pen.

Omni-Note brings you a new experience of Handwriting that no one had experienced before!

Firstly, Omni-Note makes it possible that you can place the menu bar on either top or side of the screen. It’s up to you. If you don’t like the default menu bar, you can gather your favorite menu functions and show them as a movable menu panel. It’s totally customizable!!

Secondly, OmniNote provides you various useful functions such as 4 useful pens (pen, brush, marker, highlightpen), the ruler to draw shapes(straight line, rectangle, circle) , and color swatch & wheel which can express your emotions.
There are also picture/image/stamp/diagram insert functions. You can also send your page through SNS or email.
And of course, editing functionality (select area, copy, cut, paste) is always available!!

Lastly, the pages OmniNote provides are beautiful, convenient, and functional. There are many types of note format design that you can chose by your needs. You can not only create a page, but also you can gather the pages and create your original note. What’s more is you can categorize and organize both page and note using the folder function.
If you want to edit page, rearrange or organize your shelf, you can use clip-board which makes possible to copy/cut/paste so easily at any situation.

Now grab your pen, and write/draw whatever you want on Omni-Note!

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