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    Turn your webcam into a baby monitor or use ours to unlock extra features.

    Onni Care is an innovative, affordable and easy to use baby monitoring solution that allows parents to keep an eye on their babies by accessing live audio / video feed anytime from anywhere in the world. The application also helps parents to stay on top of the most common baby care activities including diaper changes, feedings and sleeping.

    The baby monitor application is now available in the basic version. In order to see and hear their baby simply by using a mobile device, parents can connect their personal webcam and microphone with the Onni Baby desktop application.

    The high-end design solution will be available in mid-2016. The beautifully designed and technically capable hardware enables parents to take advantage of the built-in features including monitoring sensors that measure the ambient temperature and detect crying and breathing, and alert the parents in case of an event. In addition, parents can play lullabies or other pre-recorded material, turn the night light on or off, and access the infrared camera.

    The Onni Care system consists of:
    - Mobile application
     o Live audio / video feed
     o Baby care log: diaper changes, feedings, sleeping
     o List of latest events
    - Web portal
     o Complete list of features is accessible on the web portal
    - Webcam streaming application for PC
     o Live audio / video feed of the baby using your personal webcam and microphone
    - Baby monitor device
     o Live audio / video feed of the baby
     o Triggered alarms (when the baby is crying, if breathing can’t be detected, in case the baby seems to be missing from crib, device failure)
     o Room temperature monitoring
     o Playing lullabies or other pre-recorded material
     o Switching the night light on/off

    Onni Baby application is available on all major mobile platforms and the web portal is open for users.

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