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Want to know what genetic features your future child might have, curious to know if it will look more like you and your family or more like your husband/partner?

Our Baby uses established genetic rules to determine from your family traits what your future baby may look like. The more detail that you can provide about you, your partner, the babies parents, the more accurate the prediction will be.

Our Baby is a fun way to find out if your baby will have straight or curly hair, what will be the shape of its face and eyes, will your baby be able to roll its tongue or not…. The list of predictable genetic traits is extensive and you can find out which ones will most likely be carried through to your baby.

Will it have a bent little finger, will it have long eyelashes, dimples or freckles??? Our Baby will predict the likely outcome of all of these and will illustrate it in a cute image of your baby. Ideal if you want to work out if you should or shouldn’t have children with someone, use Our Baby to show you what the results of certain partner combinations might be☺

Once you have the best prediction for your future baby you can email it to friends and family, post it to facebook or tweet it to your followers.

Our Baby is based on proven genetic algorithms and will give an accurate prediction if the information provided is accurate. It is intended to illustrate a fun prediction of your future baby.

Our Baby – gives you a taster of what your baby will be like with 4 traits included for free. Upgrade to the full version to get the full list of genetic traits and a fuller picture of your future baby.

Full version available with more traits for the most accurate results.

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