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Do you have a finite amount of time to cherish.
Counterclockwise is an app for people who want you to use the time to cherish.
For example, until the time of the anniversary, the time until the end of the day, the time to partner and children's birthday,
Such as the time until the graduation ceremony, how to use each person is.

I will change the rhythm of human life is also not aware of the time, and to use the reverse clock.
If you set the end of the holiday time, you may be able to improve the weekend was lazy.

■ Features
The reverse countdown clock until the set date and time.
To count the elapsed time you have to delete the settings, the date and time too. (Except those you set the repeat function)

■ function
Repeat ... repeat function at set intervals. (Daily, weekly, monthly, annually)
Time before the end ... reminder feature, you can notify up to three times a week.
Displays a message when time is up ... time up message display function.
Sounds that you set the alarm sounds when time is up ... function.
You can color-coded string ... Kautodaun feature color-coded string.
You can categorize your settings to specify the icon ... categorization feature.
During the installation .... as long as the widget function body, you can set the widget.

■ operating environment
Has confirmed the operation of the later Android2.2.

■ Differences between the free version
• No advertising display
· Plan to add features

Clock, timer, schedule, ToDo, alarm clock, alarm clock, birthday, anniversary, countdown

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