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Simple to use, multi timetable browser for parents.
This version of "Timetable Browser" is designed to help parents in monitoring their children classes, tasks and simplified for their needs.

Each note can have a reminder or alarm assigned. There are lots of options: 15 minutes, 1 hour, week, before lesson as well as in the evening of the day before or morning in the the activity day. Alarms can be set on the particular time or on daily basis including working days only and can be integrated with Google calendar.
You can browse a few timetable at the same time for instance each family member timetable.

Widgets will help you to be updated with your previous, current & next activity or the most recent activities of your family members. Be informed just from your home phone screen & optionally by notification sounds when your recent activities are updated. Now each widget can control silent or vibrate only mode during classes, activities.

- classes/activities categories
- widget to monitor all family timetables at once /the school/work date ranges, important events with category in one place on phone home screen/
- alarms integrated with Google calendar,
- widgets with previous, current & next activity controlling phone silence or vibrate mode during classes,
- free online archive account at (with internet access mode to archived timetables)
- integrated with Google speach recognition engine,
- subjects, lessons etc. dictionaries.

To use new school mode features you need turn on "School Mode" in menu "Preferences". While doing it you will be switched to log into new school account. The "School mode" can use different account from the private mode. At login page you can reuse your private archive account or log into a new one for this mode.
Now you will be switched again to "Preferences" page to select timetables you are interested in and credentials.

Parents can access their timetables/teacher substitutions and school messages online by logging into

Please keep e-mailing me with any questions or feedback!

Now you can use "Smart Timetable Planner 2.0" (market://details? which is modernised version of this application. Discover the new features.

To migrate you can simply store your timetables to server archive and reload them in the new planner because the server archive is shared among the applications.

Localized to German, Chinese, Polish, French, Spanish, English

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