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    Compatibility with the telephone number listed bwajupnida parents. (Oh Jackpot Lotto) is the chemistry is even between parent and child. Parents name and my name, phone number and my phone number, my parents and my parents will take care of it for compatibility. = Usage = 1. My name and telephone number, parents (duljunghanbun) enter your name and phone number of (very carefully) 2. Positive about their parents carefully selected heart 3. Press chemistry results (palpitations) = = 1 The advantage of this application. There are 2. Sonjoyi (sonjoy) president earns money. (Sonjoyi President beonmankeum sseuni your money work for your company to make money without getting fired from the company allows you to continue working: a good sister, a good brother-in-law, kkwongmeokgo dalmeokgo Sam, you've got nothing to lose reverse, let's put off the fire). jade ※ to Goku two refresher save the planet as your chi sonjoyihoejangyi collect your money district myeotbaekwonssik sense that peace suikgeumjung part of this application to the development of the Republic of Korea, the sports industry to contribute a little pool of developers cost is used. (Four 120 schnauzer ... but three managed to come to mayikyu jalchim Cheongdamdong possible war, jukppangeun real face instead of a bunch ... the money ... I'll be right instead of the right jukppangeuro ... jjangkke naegina do the heotsorigo ㅋ) B, Q protest, anus, hair removal, Letters, Warrior's Battle of the keyboard kakaohtok: sonjoy Email: ※ pildok Please note: The description above application hweyikeu (fake) is in fact is forced piety applications. Filial piety to parents, phone numbers ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ character goes in the future ought filial piety ought ... One can not completely mess a lot about a lot of people who will regret to see ... Unconditionally generous piety'll raise some money going ... Travel will send Rigaud great place to buy good stuff .. hope so Hasineunde think so ... Money than the usual going concern and love that. Deurineunge a lot about a lot I think. Hello hello phone call or send one letter simyeon Lee is very good, you'd be! ~ Sonjoyi Chairman of the word: my application along with other developers to create a growing number of people ... Side popped upside the fire was not honest dotdae cigarettes like some sad soksanghane hangachi less than revenue. ㅠ ㅠ But I byeongmat kkutkkuthi brimming full of humanism and good ideas, applications continue to create your own happiness and joy and a warm smile and we'll byeongmateul. This application is probably also have someone else raise getjyo ㅠ ㅠheulheul .......... For ten thousand, depending ※ sister pumin Character attacks] [katoktereo] [telephone number for compatibility hweyikeu] love you, too please!!! ♥ ㅋ ㅋ

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