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Blog, videos, tips, courses, and more, on the Permaculture agricultural system and philosophy

  • Slick and well designed
  • Quick to navigate
  • Varied multimedia content
  • Courses
  • Info not regularly updated

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"Work with nature"


Permaculture is a slick, intuitive, and well designed app for keeping abreast of the latest Permaculture tips, videos, advice and more, from featured publishers.

The term itself refers to the a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature, a systematic method of agricultural systems which aim to be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

This app is a sure fire way of getting all the best advice to plant and grow in an ethical way.


Permaculture has a slick and neat design, and it's very quick to navigate through all the features. You can tab through useful tips, interesting blog posts, fascinating videos, and even search for Permaculture courses near you.

You can also subscribe to the Permaculture newsletter via the app to receive up-to-date content straight to your inbox.


Some of the sections don't appear to be updated very regularly, and there are not always nearby courses to subscribe to.

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May 19, 2015

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