PerSOS Lite



Personal Emergency App.

Please note that PerSOS Lite has some restrictions:

* It expires 30 days after installation.
* It doesn't allow to change the PIN
* It doesn't allow to change the SMS frequency

You can get PerSOS Pro (lifetime license) anytime.

PerSOS Lite is a free application for Smart Phones (Android and IOS) that allows to send geolocated SOS messages to a set of select contacts. It also allows for sending enriched context information to help improve the assessment of the emergency situation, to promote a quicker and smarter incident response from your acquaintances or from law enforcement agents.

The alert SOS can be triggered with three different stealth mechanisms: manual, deferred and geofencing. The three of them can be used, without the offender ever knowing that a SOS is being activated.

Once triggered, alerts can be stopped by entering the right deactivation PIN.

PerSOS Lite can deliver geolocation, battery level and moving speed (only with GPS) via SMS, e-mail, IM, Twitter & Facebook.

If all communication parties have PerSOS, the alerts can then be better interpreted and context information can be exploited, by visualizing the geolocated alerts in the Alert Tracking window offered by PerSOS.

PerSOS Lite requires a proper Internet Connection. A weak connection may seriously impact PerSOS Lite functionality.

Additionally, PerSOS Lite is a privacy-respecting application: SOS messages are kept private between communicating parties.

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