*******Your veterinarian must be a participating user of the VetVision applications.********

    *******Do not download and install this application unless you already have an account via your veterinarian.********

    Manage your pet's healthcare and connect with your veterinarian online. Your veterinarian must be a participating user of the VetVision applications.

    Manage Your Pet’s Healthcare. Anywhere. Anytime. Online.

    Use PetSites to:
    • Access medical records
    • Send non-urgent messages
    • View & print lab results
    • Request & view appointments
    • Request prescriptions & reorder food
    • Print PetID cards
    • Research health issues
    • Upload photos
    • And so much more!

    PetSites is a free tool that allows you to become a key member of your pet's healthcare team. Your veterinarian must be a participating user of the VetVision applications.

    • Your pet's own website connects you and your pet to your veterinary hospital anytime, anywhere. Now the information you need to protect the health of your pet is just a click away.

    Why should I access my PetSite today?
    • You never know when or where an emergency will occur. Log in today to insure that you have access to your pet’s medical information before an emergency arises.

    Will my pet’s data be secure?
    • Your secure login protects the confidentiality of your information and that of your pet. The information is protected by a secure server and encrypted connection and will never be sold or used by anyone other than you and your pet's healthcare team. Your PetSite cannot be accessed by any other PetSites user.

    Can I contact the practice through PetSites?
    • Absolutely! Not only can you email your veterinary hospital through your PetSite, but you can request appointments, prescription refills and so much more. Your veterinary hospital can also communicate with you via online vaccination reminders, eCards, newsletters and emails.

    What if I have more than one pet?
    • The medical records of all of your pets that have visited your veterinary hospital are available through your PetSite

    ***Please note that Adobe Mobile AIR is required.

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