Phobia Release Hypnosis



Releasing you phobia is as simple to learn as acquiring it was in the first place!

Now you can discover just how easy it is to dump your unwanted fears in this easy to use, step-by-step self hypnosis MP3 audio download

Whatever your particular phobia may be...

Public Speaking
Fear of Flying
Fear of Dogs
Fear of Heights

Believe me, the list is endless...

But at the moment your phobia is in control of you - whatever it is you’re afraid of is creating a response in you that triggers a behavior pattern

So here’s what you need to remember...

You were NOT born with this phobia – it’s an irrational fear which currently inhibits and restricts your enjoyment, and one which you learnt at some stage in your life

And now you keep on having the same reaction every time a certain thing happens

Well, it’s time to change all that and get YOU back in control of your life!

* How you will feel when you can no longer remember being frightened of whatever it is that currently causes you so much fear

* How you will feel when your life is unrestricted by certain routines you currently need to perform to feel in control

* How you will feel when you are FREE to choose to do what you want to do

* There are no restrictions, no limits.............

Here’s some of what’s included in this amazing self hypnosis MP3 audio download

* Introduction and insightful explanation of phobias
* Amazing audio instructions and techniques for dismantling your phobia
* Unique hypnosis session to further release your phobia at the deep unconscious level
* Instructions of meridian techniques for tapping away certain elements of your phobia
* Unique use of “whole brain technology” where different sounds resonate with different parts of your brain
* Music composed especially to work with the evocative hypnotic language
* Instructions on how to unplug all previous, outdated programming that taught you how to be phobic