Phone Health Analysts




    This app is a fake one used for entertainment. It can be installed in all android mobile phone and is totally free app!**********************************************
    Do you know if you are in good body condition? Do you have a good healthy body? Now you can test and analysis your health index by this app---Phone Health Analysts! It is a totally free testing app. Just blowing can offer you a healthy result. What a great app it is! It is a fake Health Analysts and the result can be set by yourself. It is just for entertainment but really can play an important part in your family life! Why can I say that? Because you can use it to alarm others keeping in good eating habit and making exercise in time!

    In your daily life, there must be some friends that eat too much, or drinking, smoking and lazy. Now you can use Phone Health Analysts to make a joke and warn them change bad habits or bad life style. If the one always smoking, you can set the result with words "I have to say, you smoke too much and it really hurt your lung. You had better quit smoking and keep a healthy body..." and then use this app to test his health. When he say these words, he will pay more attention to smoking and it has better result than your suggestion words! It also suit to other aspects: Drinking too much alcohol; Lazy to make exercise; catch cold or others!

    A software "Scientific testing" is better than your suggestions words! When one realize it is really bad to their health and get an accurate result, he/she will take actions to change bad habits! If there are someone around you has bad habits and he /she not accept others suggestions? Now Phone Health Analysts will help you solve this problem!

    In home page, there are three button. One is Play, one is set and the last is about.
    1.Play button help you start testing. It allow you make a blow and then it will make a body scanning. After scanning, it will offer you a health index and tips (the index and tips can set by yourself. If you do not set, it will offer you a system result.
    2. About button show you a page about how to use this app and what it mainly used for.
    3. Setting icon allow you set the testing result. You can set index and tips by yourself. If you what to alarm your friends change bad habits, you can input your suggestion words or others.

    Although it is a fake app, but it really interesting and can play an important part in your life. In addition to make funs with friends and show the powerful of your phone, you can also use to to warn others quit bad habits! How great is!
    Please offer us stars after using, thanks for your support!