Pizza practices




    Pizza practices

    "Pizza" is a made ​​of special sauces and fillings made ​​with Italian style food, this food has gone beyond language and cultural barriers and become globally accepted snacks, by the national consumers.
    Finest pizza must have four qualities: fresh pastry, fine cheeses, pizza sauce and top with fresh fillings. Crust must be made ​​daily, flour generally with spring and winter wheat Grade finely ground, so that only the outer layer made ​​of crispy crust, the inner soft. Pure cheese pizza is the soul of authentic pizza generally use rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and calcium low calorie mozzarella (Mozzarella) cheese.
    This application contains a wide variety of tasty Italian pizza practice of nearly 150 species, like the friends who have tasting pizza you, yourself, taste abundance of material enough, Come download it!
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