polaroid D-day



Widgets provide instant picture of the design is the d-day program.
Daily information as well as provides information on year and month,
Notification expected by guessing anniversary marked.
(English, Korean and Japanese language support (depending on the phone)).

======= Features =======
1. Widgets provide a variety of sizes
- 1x1,2x1,3x1,1x2,2x2,3x2,1x3,2x3,3x3
2. Widgets in the form of instant photo provided
- Provides a widget in the form of instant photography, the user can specify the image.
3. The display image editing widget
- Widget display of information in a variety of colors of the image can be modified.
4. Day / month / year providing information unit D-day
- A unit of D-day as well as the month / year unit by providing information on D-day for a few days, months or years to determine whether it has been possible.
5. Estimated anniversary reminders
- Estimated by assuming that the anniversary of a notification to the visible.
- Notify anniversary from before 3 days.
6. D-Day reminder
- Notify D-day from before 3 days.
7. The ability to write memos D-day
- Write a memo about D-day can be found.

* Your children, as well as lovers of the D-day, test, etc. can be used in any D-day expected to get notified anniversary will forget the anniversary.
* Baby is only really a few days, but to show the existing D-day, month / year unit information accurately tell me that is just a couple of months that is useful in real life.

LCD density value, change the device settings in a non-standard, Can not download.
If can not download,
please change the Default LCD density and download.

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