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This free version of the PWC has some limitations:
- Wine database limited to 50 wines.
- The wine list is not updated.
- There are no news.
- You can not store wines in "My Cellar"
- The application and all its contents will not be updated.

Access the unique and exquisite world of portuguese wines wherever you are, with this simple and easy to use application. Available for Android, iPad and iPhone, PWC has all the information you need - more than 500 portuguese wines in the release version and their evaluation, where to find them, how to drink them and what to drink them with, and also all about the regions, the winemakers, etc.
Portuguese Wine Cellar will be updated monthly with new wines and news. Frequent updates will be made and other versions will be launched soon.
Tradition meets technology in an application as unique as the wines it represents, that allows you to really impress your friends and get to taste a different world.
Small in size but huge by geographical diversity, Portugal has many wine regions that produce very different and characteristic wines. PWC takes you through all the portuguese wine regions and let's you know what to expect from the wines each of them produces.
About 285 grape varieties, some of them exclusive to Portugal, are the core of portuguese wines. Combined with creativity and expertise with a touch centuries old knowledge, they result in some of the best wines in the world. PWC tells you all about them.
Each year is unique in its weather conditions that influence dramatically the quality and characteristic of every wine. PWC tells you what to expect from every harvest of portuguese wines.
Get to know the most important portuguese wine brands of the moment and learn all their secrets past (the regions they come from, how they were made, how much they cost, how the experts rate them) and future (when and where to serve them, ideal temperature, what dishes to serve them with...
My Cellar
You got to know them, tasted them and loved them. Now, it's time to create your own cellar of unforgettable experiences by keeping record of all these great wines. With PWC's My Cellar you will never forget the funny, strange or difficult name of that wine that made you feel in heaven. And you will always have it in your hands to ask for it in the nearest wine shop.
Masters of a centenary old art, they combine tradition and the latest technologies to make the magic of exceptional wine happen every year. Here you can find out where they are located and how to contact them, and maybe start a great commercial relationship.
Where to buy
Finding portuguese wines in your country may not be very easy. After all, the best things in life are often well kept secrets! With PWC finding the shops and retailers that sell portuguese wines is as easy as pressing a button.
Wine Tourism
Wine tastings, guided tours, gastronomic experiences, relaxing days in exquisite mansions or ultra modern facilities ... you name it, you find it with PWC, the application that takes you right to the core of the portuguese wine world.
The expert
Manuel Moreira is a renowned sommelier, famous for his books and participations in national and international wine events and the winner of several awards.
Centuries of wine making tradition meet the most recent technologies in a simple and easy to use application that reveals the exciting and unique world of portuguese wines.
Get to know the different wine regions, the countless grape varieties and all their possible combinations, the secrets of a good harvest, the winemakers that follow tradition and those who reinvent it each day. Learn all about the portuguese wine brands, create your own personal cellar and find out where to find these extraordinary wines near your.

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