Protect From Identity Theft



Everyday Thousands of People Are Getting Their Identity Stolen! If You Have Use Your Credit or Debit Card Recently, This Could Be You!

Don't Be A Statistic, Solve The Problem That Tons of People Face Each And Every Day!

It’s Easier Than You Think For a Criminal To Get Your Personal Information And Use It To Not Only Obtain Goods And Services, But Also To Commit Fraud And Even Crime. Don’t Be a Victim! Read This Book And Protect Yourself – Right Now – Before It’s Too Late!

Anyone can become a victim of identity theft. For example, do you:

# Hand your credit card to servers at restaurants?

# Not sign the back of your credit or debit card?

# Supply personal information over the internet?

# Leave mail at your home or business for the postal carrier to collect?

# Just throw away unwanted mail containing personal information?

If you do any of these things, YOU can become a victim of identity theft.

Here is a sneak preview of what you will learn inside...

★ Learn how criminals obtain your information Find out how they use it to ruin your good name

★ What steps you need to take to re-gain your identity

★ How to protect yourself against internet fraud

★ All the agencies you need to contact to correct your credit

★ What to do if you have problems getting the situation resolved

★ How to take steps to correct your credit report

★ How to assess those companies who offer to help you get your identity back – for a fee

★ How to prove you are who you say you are

★ How to organize your case and your information so you can set about regaining your identity back

★ How to take precaution so it never happens to you ever – or again

★ and much, Much More!

This guide also gives you valuable tips to help you protect your information so no thief can take advantage of you. This includes protecting:

★ Documents
★ Credit cards
★ Bills
★ Bank accounts
★ Utilities
★ Phone solicitations

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