With the "Psychic Experts App", you get free and immediate access to:
    * Live Chat with any of our highly qualified Psychic Experts
    * Daily Horoscope
    * More than 25 types of Tarot Reading
    * Planet Transits
    * Moon Phase in Real Time
    * Alert-service with Online status for your favorite psychics
    * In-depth information of any of our psychic Experts
    * Astrologic Natal Chart

    You now have the possibility to enter directly into the LIVE webcam advice section where you find our many gifted psychic experts who knows about the past, the future and the present.
    You will have the most detailed information of any of our experienced psychics, in fact our description of the specific psychic is unique as our Android App is the only existing one, that has received the right and license to use a specially developed Esoterics Live Meter.

    You can chat with any of our Psychic experts for free and there is always several psychics online, ready to assist you in a private consultation, should you so wish.
    98 % of our psychics speak english and you will find many who also speak german, french, italian, spanish, hebrew, norwegian and hungarian.

    From the very detailed descriptions you can in advance find the psychic that suit your needs, based on for instance: years of experience, number of consultations and fields of esoteric knowledge, such as:
    Mayan, Aztec, Chinese, Karmic, Indian or Western Astrology.
    Tarot Reading
    Card Readings based on the following:
    Gipsy, Rune, Lenomard, Symbolon, Angel, Destiny.

    Additionally you can consult our Psychic Expert concerning:
    I Ching
    Numerology Readings
    Rune Divination
    Dream Interpretation
    Crystal Reading
    Rune Healing
    Feng Shui
    Love and Sex
    Home and Family

    and much more.

    Would you like to know what the authentic Tarot cards have in store for you? With the assistance and guidance of the Major Arcana you can get insight and hopefully clarity concerning which direction you are heading now and also most importantly what decisions you have to make in order to navigate your life in the desired direction.
    The free Tarot Reading gives you more than 25 different types of Tarot Reading.

    You can enter direct into the horoscope-section with free daily horoscopes for your zodiac / sign:
    and Pisces.

    Last but not least, you can take a look at the current Moon phase which is shown in realtime and naturally you can also obtain information about planet transits.

    Finally, we also offer a completely free Astrologic Natal Chart. Just follow the instructions in the App and enter your name, birthday and place etc., and you will have your own report shown directly in your App with a full graphic chart and a very detailed written report.

    Kindly note that you can subscribe for as many online-alerts as you wish, however please do make sure that you enter your correct email-address.

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