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    I have been aware that I had some kind of connection with Spirits and psychic energies since I was a teenager – though I didn’t really start using them until about 20 years ago in 1993. That was the year that my Guides and Guardians showed me the man I would spend the rest of my life with. We are still together to this day.

    For many years I only helped friends and family. Until just 5 years ago I finally decided to go public. That was a very difficult decision for me since I had become such a recluse – connecting to the world only through social networking. Now I am ready to take the next step so that I can continue to help others.

    With my psychic readings abilities I am able to cross over those who have died and who are stuck here on Earth. This usually takes place while doing House Cleansing or many of them come to me in my sleep seeking a way into the light and some come asking me to give messages to loved ones. The living often contact me to help them locate items they’ve lost or misplaced – at times that has included people. But in such cases I am only the messenger – what you do with the information I give is entirely up to you.

    It is not my place to tell a person what they should believe or not. My gift comes from the Creator – I use that gift to help others – the living and those who have passed on. My psychic readings abilities also include Spiritual Insights into the Past, Present and Future.

    I am also an accomplished artist, photographer and published writer currently working on re-writing my first novel and my first children’s book. Based in northern Minnesota. A place where I’m able to work peacefully, take thoughtful walks in the woods and take in life.

    Please note this app used to belong another psychic Machelle and there maybe reviews that are no longer relevant to Cynthia.

    "A B I was in Aweeeee!!! Cynthia was awesome , She really tapped into my love ones and told me things about my Aunts and Grandmother that I didnt know.I felt their spirit around me.And I didnt have to tell her nothing she did all the talking.Now that’s a real true Medium. Please give her a call …You wont be disappointed."

    "Thank you so much for your reading.. it was awesome and really put me at ease !! "

    "Prisila Prici I had a wonderful reading with Cynthia! She is very intuitive, guess that is obvious… I have had several readings by others in the past, and Cynthia tends to hit the nail on the head! My mother as well as a brother-in-law made contact with me through her, and it was very uplifting. Good stuff! I highly recommend her for anyone looking for more insight into so much that we simply do not see around us and within us, in the Big Picture. Don’t forget to bring some questions!"

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