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Pub's Bill allow you to track your bill status and split it. Unlike others applications Pub's Bill make the exactly division based on which itens was consumed and when the person started and stopped consuming this item, so you can split the bill fairly and without headache.

FAQ and Usage Guide:

1 - You must register friends before opening the bill?

No. You can register friends during consumption of the bill, or use contacts from your phonebook (for devices with android >= 2.3.

2 - Excluding items / person / bars?

Press the list item you want to delete until the context menu.

3 - How do to consume multiple units of the same item?

Simply add the item to the bill, and slide your finger from right to left, making the movement against the amount of consumption will be decremented by one.

4 - My friend arrived and wants to enter the consumption of beer, what to do?

Just click on the item of beer, and add his name to the consumer. He will not get into the division of beers he did not consumed.

5 - My friend stopped drinking beer, what do I do?

Click on beer item, and then press the name of your friend until the context menu appears, and then select the "Remove friend of consumption." From this moment he will not be included in the division of new beers. Your friend may return the item to consume normally following in the footsteps of intrução number

6 - I want to change the consumption of someone, what do I do?

Simply click the item you want to change consumption, and then the name of the person you want to edit consumption.
And then you can choose the time when the person stopped and began consumption of that item.

8- Found a bug?

Please submit it at :

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