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    Featured on Australia's popular 'A Current Affair' TV show, this self hypnosis program showed an 80% success rate in helping the 10 televised trial participants quit smoking.

    A time tested and proven formula to quit smoking naturally and easily. Enjoy the world's most effective hypnosis for smoking cessation in complete privacy and comfort whenever and wherever you like.

    About the Hypnosis Audio Program

    This App contains a 55 minute guided personal hypnotherapy session by Rick Collingwood. It will positively empower your mind at the deepest level to make it easy for you to:
    • Minimize physical and mental cravings
    • Maintain your will power in pressure situations
    • Picture your desired end result and develop an insatiable drive to reach this
    • Replace you smoking habit with a more positive alternative
    • Remain calm, confident and in control without the cigarettes
    This program has helped tens of thousands of people quit smoking. It uses traditional fundamental hypnosis techniques to give you the control on every level to break the habit permanently.

    Audio Format

    Contained on this recording is a unique audio formula for maximum results:
    • Clinical spoken hypnotherapy
    • Neurosonic Frequencies to assist deep trance
    • Positive subliminal messages
    This unique combination means that you can actually work towards quitting smoking while you sleep. These patented frequencies have been scientifically proven through the use of an EEG machine, to help you reach a deep theta trance for the program to work more effectively.


    Simply listen to this audio program every night, 6 nights a week, for 8 weeks straight. It will empower your subconscious patterns and decision making processes towards achieving your perfect weight and keeping it there.

    This audio program has been awarded a Platinum ARIA Award for sales over 100 000 copies!

    Special Bonus E Book!!!

    This App includes a free 27 page 'Hypnosis Handbook' E Book. This is a remarkable insight into the truth about hypnosis, how it works and a complete history of how it developed over the years.

    About the Author: Rick Collingwood

    Author of this App, Rick Collingwood, is considered by many to be the worlds' leading hypnotherapist. He has worked with countless celebrities, sports stars, and business leaders and also appeared as a hypnosis expert on many international media programs including NBC, Good Morning America, Coast to Coast Radio, Fox Sports and MTV.

    Rick's CD's have sold more then a million copies and been awarded 2 Platinum & 5 Gold prestigious ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Record Awards.

    What others are saying:
    I have just recently used your Stop Smoking CD with great success! I am a professional Stand Up Comedian and at 36 years of age had been smoking since I was in my early teens. I had tried everything over the past couple of years to give up, all to no avail. Until I happened along your CD while I was in Melbourne. I’m proud to say that I am currently on day 39 without a ciggy, and I feel confident that I can keep this going easily. Believe me, my job has me around smokers every night I go to work, but your CD has been great! Mark S here asking you for a bit of advice on cd selection and also to say thanks for helping me to overcome the ugly habit of smoking with the use of your STOP SMOKING CD, i have been listening to it for 3 weeks now and cant beleive how it has helped me to give up so easily I purchased your Quit Smoking CD on the 23-8-2006 and began using the program on the 28-8-2006. It would be very difficult to find the words that could describe how very grateful I am that you had the foresight to record your sessions onto CD. Today I am up to Day 10 and have noticed some amazing changes in how I have felt over the last few days when I have used the program morning and evening. There is a natural flow now, that has never been there before.

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