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Develop a relationship with the Qur'an by coming to it for guidance, advice, inspiration and reminders. We believe that the Quran is wisdom and guidance for every person, at every occasion, for all times to come and since Allah has power over everything, there's no such thing as chance. So, every time you hit that inspire button, a verse is found randomly out of the over 6000 verses in the Qur'an, just for you, for your particular situation.

Come to this app like you would go to a friend. For advice, for admonition, for inspiration and of course, motivation! Once you start using this in your daily routine, you'll see for yourself the Wisdom and timeless Perfection of Allah's Word. You'll feel His Love through His Message. Here's what some initial testers had to say:

"Salam aleykum, the ways in which this little app has helped my imaan is just phenomenal. I was at a restaurant the other day and this attractive lady walked in and I was having trouble lowering my gaze, so I just randomly decide to fidget with my phone and the following verse showed up: ""And those who guard their private parts, Save from their wives or the (slaves) that their right hands possess, for then verily they are not blameworthy,"But whoso craves beyond that, such are transgressors," and SUBHAN'ALLAH I was blown away and immediately started lowering my gaze. It is absolutely AMAZING how this thing works. It's so simple and yet so smart, I find myself coming to it again and again throughout the day. Jzk bro!" - Anonymous brother

"We were having dinner outside and as I sat there having eaten the delicious food to my fill, I must admit I felt a little 'proud' at being able to dine at such a fine restaurant. As we were waiting for dessert, I took out my phone, checked for messages and saw this app sitting on my home screen so I decided to give it a go. Next second the ayah that came up was about which of the favors of your Lord will you doubt and I just held the phone in my hand staring at it for a couple of seconds, my eyes moistened and I decided to feed the poor people in our neighbourhood the next day. Really nice effort mA!" - Anonymous sister

Download the app today, and see how it changes your life, Insha'allah.
We've decided to make this a free app, without annoying ads etc. All we need from you is your sincere, heart-felt Dua and for this to benefit you, Insha'allah.

May Allah swt accept it from us, be pleased with us and guide us to be humble and consistent in doing good.
As salamu alaikum! :)

Shahraiz Tabassam

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