Raising Chickens



The first section of the app is called "Raising Chickens" and here you will find a variety of topics such as ...
** Top 5 reasons to raise chickens
** Raising chickens: Pros and Cons
** Choose a chicken breed to raise
** Feeding raised chickens
** Keeping your chicken healthy
** Precautions during winter and summer
... and many other piece of great advice and easy to follow information.

The second section of the app is called "Tips and Advice" and as the name suggests, you will find a range of helpful tips and advice in this section such as ...
** Hints for hatching and raising chickens
** How to clip their wings
** How to prevent the spread of bird flu
** Give your chickens a treat
** What to do when the chicks arrive
... and a number of other useful topics brimming with great advice and expert tips.

The third section of the app is called "Terminology", and here you will find a comprehensive guide to the various terminology that is used in raising chickens, such as ...
** Bantam
** Broodiness
** Candling
** Coop
** Incubation
** Non-Setter
** Pullet
** Shanks
... and many other terms that you will come across in raising chickens.

The fourth section of the app is called "Video Clips" and here you will discover an excellent selection of informative video clips featuring various aspects of raising chickens including ...
** Raising chickens for eggs
** How to raise chickens
** 10 reasons why keeping chickens is a must
** Raising chickens naturally
.. and many other interesting video clips.

The "Raising Chickens" app is the ideal companion for everyone interested in raising their own chickens. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, you will find this app extremely useful and informative, and with the great advice and tips you will find inside, you can easily get started with raising chickens.

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