Rapture Detector



Ladies and gentlemen,

Sin, Lust and Fornication can be yours again!

That’s right, sin can be yours again with the right Reverend Billy Joe Estes, Holy Manifestation House of Worship Rapture Detector.

That’s right, you heard correctly; a Rapture Detector.

Thirty minutes prior to the Rapture a blue LED light will go off on your Android Phone. And you will have 30 minutes to run down to your local preacher and be saved, Hallelujah on that!

Remember, salvation is a matter of timing. Don’t be late; be early. The right Reverend Billy Joe Estes provides for a triple money back guarantee for the Rapture Detector in the event that it does not work for any reason, we will give you three times your investment back.

God bless you and please visit http://www.RaptureDetector.com or your favorite app store to pick up your Rapture Detector today!

Don’t miss your opportunity for everlasting life simply because you are enjoying this one. Timing is Everything!

God Bless

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