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Recipe, Menu & Cooking Planner's review


Would you like to have all your most-used recipes on your mobile? Do you want to be able to develop menus and plan family meals?

  • Great design
  • Ideal planning tool for families and small restaurants
  • No problems from our point of view
  • You need to register beforehand

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"An app for organized chefs"


Say goodbye to cumbersome cookbooks. Say goodbye to crumpled-up bits of paper that litter your kitchen. Pepperplate is an app that's been specially designed for those passionate about cooking. It comes packed full of recipes and the option to manage your menus and family meals. You can also add shopping lists, all in all taking gastronomic administration to a whole new level.


The app has an excellent design that makes it extremely easy to get on with. You'll have various sections dedicated to recipes, menus, a planner, and a shopping list for you to be able to manage your kitchen-related (be it household or restaurant) needs to the smallest detail. We like it because it's very easy to use and automatically synchronizes the content on the Pepperplate website with your Android device.


We like everything about this app, aside from the minute detail of needing to register or sign up via your Facebook account.

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by Cecília

Jul 09, 2015

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