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    Recipics - The 21st Century Recipe Scrapbook

    The only app for capturing all your favourite recipes in one place, in an instant; accessing them anywhere, anytime; and sharing them with everyone.

    • Do you have a scrapbook of recipes scribbled in haste or torn from magazines?
    • Do you have many favourite recipes, but they're spread across books, websites, magazines and more?
    • Do you wish you had your best recipes with you all the time – to share with friends, to use on holiday, to consult while shopping?

    If so, Recipics is for you. Forget about pre-populated recipe apps – Recipics is the only app that lets you capture all your favourite recipes in one place.

    ❖ Collect recipes on the move, in an instant: take pics of recipes from magazines, granny's hand-written recipe book, or your favourite sites on the web.

    ❖ Access anytime, anywhere: in the supermarket, at a friend's house, on holiday, in your kitchen, wherever.

    ❖ Share with anyone: use the web, email, Facebook, Twitter to share with friends, and download them to all your other mobile devices.

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