Relive Success



It is no secret that successful people use positive affirmations to remind themselves of their past successes. Now you can have your smartphone remind of your past successes! This simple yet powerful app will boost your motivation and eliminate negative thinking patterns. It uses proven self-motivation techniques to align your daily thinking patterns with those of successful people. But unlike other apps, Relive Success uses customized affirmations - based on your personal experience - that are ten times more effective.

The app gets to know you through a series of simple questions. Don't worry, your personal data stays entirely confidential (stored only locally on your device, we can't see it). The app will then generate daily notifications with customized positive affirmations based on your personal information and preferences. When you receive a notification click on it to bring up a pop up window with your affirmation. All you have to do is read it and click OK. Let the app run for 21 days and we guarantee you will start to feel different.

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