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My Rewards and Mint Paper Magazine Reader for Ohio Coupons and Deals

If you love your Reward$ Magazine, you're going to love this even more -- Reward$ delivered on your Android tablet. This is our finest digital couponing experience. Simply tap to subscribe to your neighborhood Reward$ Magazine and download your first issue to enjoy.

Lots of folks love their Reward$ Magazine but don't get it mailed to their home for some reason or another. Solve that dilemma by getting you magazine BEFORE the folks with snail-mail! With the tablet magazine you can grab a deal first you want it or get the best coupons first. This early release of offers is an exclusive benefit to you free tablet readers.

This is a truly interactive local savings magazine app. Tap on any page to grab a coupon you like. Send it to your phone, tweet it, pin it, email it or show it to a merchant. Best of all, it's entirely free for you to print and clip coupons.

Rewards mail to a million homes in Ohio. We have over 10 local editions that create thousands of free coupons every month plus many active 50%-off "deals".

What this all means to you is that we have a LOT of great free coupons and serious discount deals to the best locally owned businesses in your neighborhood. Not chains and coupons you get anywhere else. All the offers are created by our content managers who live in your community and know the best businesses too.

We require only an email address so we can prove identity for merchant coupon redemptions. Hey, it's real money for you and real money to the merchant.

Flip through the book when you need a place to eat tonight or basement repair, drycleaner, heck - most any day-to-day life need or activity (except grocery stuff). There's lots of sharing options, too. Pin an ad or a real coupon on Pinterest or post to Facebook to share the savings with your friends.

Bookmark any pages with offers you want to later if you read without a data plan. When you again have a data connection, use the bookmarks to quickly print or send most every coupon to your phone for later use. The app is connected to so you can retrieve certificates from there and print from your desktop pc.

Reward$ Magazine proudly serves local communities in Ohio! Reward$ Magazine is born and raised in Dayton and has been a real part of the Dayton community for a long time. Merchants trust us and so do our readers. Thank you, Dayton, this app's for you!

We've grown a little in the past year and we're no publishing in the Greater Cincinnati OH and Cincinnati Northeast communities.

Please enjoy the app and the savings every month and keep supporting local businesses!