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    S Vermeer stands for Sketch Vermeer, or Simply Vermeer, or even S Pen Vermeer. You take your pick. It is designed with the paradigms of clean minimalistic interface, ease of use, simple one click access to only the icons you need to sketch, draw or paint.

    This it does well, very well in fact - either with the S Pen Stylus or with your finger. You won't find pretty graphics cluttering up your precious screen space, or multiple taps to get at a colour or brush. Neither will you be trying to either avoid a small dot on the screen, or trying to tap it!

    Simply doing what you want to do best - simply sketching, drawing or painting.

    Headline features :-
    . Clean, ergonomic & minimalistic interface.
    . Gallery to showcase your art.
    . S Pen or finger mode toggle.
    . 30 undo/redo steps. . 5 customizable brushes.
    . 12 saveable colour/brush combo's
    . Dual role buttons, leading to more advanced features.
    . Pan & zoom mode toggle.
    . Keep open colour palette.
    . Camera Obscura feature (as used by the painting masters of yore).
    . Auto landscape or portrait orientation lock
    . Save your drawings to disk or share to the cloud.
    . Insert text boxes into drawings with simple formatting options
    . Import photo's and images into your drawings.
    . Simple two layer canvas feature.
    . Comprehensive file management functions in gallery.
    . Visual help cards to quickly get you up to speed

    **Optimized for Samsung S Pen**

    NB. This app makes extensive use of Samsung's S Pen SDK, and therefore may NOT work with your non Samsung phone or tablet :-( If it does not, please don't score ratings down, it is FREE after all. I'd much rather hear your experiences by support email provided, and can then exclude your device type from the listing (you will be doing others a favour too).

    This app has spent several weeks in testing by a beta testing team including - my own kids up to and including a professional illustrator, as well as Samsung's own QA Team, so many, many thanks to all concerned :-)

    Try it, hope you enjoy using it as much as I have enjoyed making it.

    Endorsed by Vermeer (probably).

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