Safeguarding Your Family



Since thefts and burglaries are happening more and more often, people should be made aware of the measures that should be taken in order to increase or improve home security. At least one fourth of the burglaries and property violations are committed very easy because burglars find open doors and windows that they can get in through, so everyone should know a few basic things about home and family security.

The first thing that you should do and that will greatly reduce the chances of becoming the victim of a robbery is to acquire a home security system, and to make sure that people around know that you have a home alarm system installed, and maybe even put a part of it in a more visible place so that burglars can see that you own one. This will most likely drive them away from your house.

Unfortunately people only buy home security systems after they have been burglarized. Almost all people who have been the victims of a robbery bought more that a basic home alarm system afterwards, but everything could have been prevented if they owned a basic one before.

After purchasing a home security system most of the danger is gone, but you still need to do some things to increase safety. Use the best locks, and not only for your doors, but for your windows too. Burglars do not only enter houses through doors.

Try to make it seem like you are home even if you are not. In order to do this you can leave some clothes outside and ask a friend collect your mail and newspapers. You can even use a special device that turns the lights on when the night falls.

Do not leave valuable things outside, or near windows and other places that make them visible, because they will attract burglars.

Here's is what you will learn about inside the "Safeguarding Your Family" e-book:

Chapter One: Personal Safety
At Home
In Your Car

Chapter Two: Home Protection
Stopping Intruders
Protecting Valuables
Protecting Possessions

Chapter Three: Identity Theft
Protecting Your Identity Offline
Protecting Your Identity
When Identity Theft Strikes You
Protecting Your Identity On The Internet
More Protection Tips
Minimize The Damage
Additional Resources

Chapter Four: Computers
Viruses And Other Malicious Bugs
How They Came To Be
History of Spreading Bugs
Categories of Computer Bugs
Types of Computer Bugs
Eliminating Computer Bugs
Combating Viruses, Worms And Trojan Horses
Useful Links

Chapter Five: Investments
The Worst Investments
The Best Investments

Chapter Six: Natural Disasters
The Most Common Natural Disasters

Chpater Seven: Terrorism
Be Aware
Be Prepared

Chapter Eight: Causes of Death
Most Common Causes of Death
Most Violent Deaths

Chapter Nine: Scams
Types of Scams & How To Avoid Them
What To Do When You Are Scammed

Chapter Ten: Medicine
Most Addictive Drugs
Most Common Injuries
Most Common Health Problems

Chapter Eleven: Avian Flu
(Bird Flu)
What is it?

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