Save Your Relationship



Save Your Relationship NOW!

Relationships tend to be extremely fragile. A wrong word or misconstrued look can shatter a relationship that you’ve built and maintained for weeks, months or even years – forever ending a seemingly great partnership.

The blowup may have resulted from pent-up feelings that you and your spouse or partner ignored until it was too late. One small mistake or words chosen in anger or without thought, and you reached the boiling point – hurling you both over the edge. Now, the relationship stands on the threshold of finality.

Many great relationships have ended because of a moment of anger, misunderstanding, or hurt feelings. But if you both care deeply for each other, the relationship doesn’t have to end.

You can work it out (whatever it is) and put your relationship back on track to make the bond between you stronger than ever. Working through the pain (and possible anger) that you’re feeling right now isn’t easy – and it takes complete commitment.

You must mentally turn back the clock and remember what first attracted you to each other and work from there, rebuilding the love and compassion that used to be. Whether the breakup just happened or divorce proceedings are underway, there is hope.

You can pull your relationship from the brink of disaster no matter what caused the split if you’re committed to learning the basic rules of making up.

Immediate Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Relationship Intact:

Call a truce!
Allow space for awhile.
Agree that you’ll disagree.
Identify the problem.
Be patient.
Be ready to compromise.... and much more!

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