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The Savings Room social network is the world’s HOTTEST NEW TREND in social media and saving money. Save money and share savings tips on the run using our app. Earn money and save money fast.

We are bringing the combined SECRET KNOWLEDGE of our members and savings gurus into one arena. Together we are helping each other to become DEBT FREE and to live a better day.


Community Membership

1. Social Network - fully featured Facebook style social network.
2. Uploads - Share savings tips via text, video, images, links and maps.
3. Groups - Start a group near you.
4. Events - List events and put them on a map.
5. Friends - Make friends and share tips with friends, family members and colleagues.
3. Classifieds - Sell your stuff to people near you for the entire year of your membership.
4. Profile - Show classifieds and directory listings in your profile page.
5. Blogs - Start a personal and community blog. Get famous!
6. Apps - Integrate classifieds listings, directory listings, blogs and more into your profile page using apps.
7. More - Access news, articles, our newsletter and fresh tips daily.

Savings Community Directory - PRO Members
Big Piggy - Huge multimedia A-Z savings directory of savings and lifestyle tips.
2. Turbo Tips - Thousands of tips in quick lists delivered at lightning speed.
2. Printables - Growing list of over 100 high quality and branded printables.
4. Savings Cafe - Access to savings articles, calculators, games, music, videos and more.

Think of the Savings Room as the Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, Yahoo, Wordpress and YouTUBE of the savings world! Put all of this in one clean, simple to use and happy interface, and you have the SHINY and MARVELOUS MONEY MAKING MACHINE that is the Savings Room.


Share tips on the run using this app. Are you in a store and just saw an item on sale for half price? Use this app to share your tip or take a photo of the item. Send it instantly to friends in your network.

Here are the main features of our app:

· Join the Savings Room social network on our website first.
· Update your profile information
· Access your inbox and send messages
· Upload photos and video
· Update your status e.g. ‘Socks for one dollar at Aldi!’
· Have a chat with friends online
· Check for updates
· Check for notifications
· Access your friends’ pages
· Update settings
· Access your groups
· Take our poll

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