Science Of Getting Rich 16




If you are really serious about getting rich then you owe it to yourself to listen to this app and to use the included affirmations to further impart the wisdom, thinking and mindset needed to CREATE WEALTH.

This first app includes the Intro, Preface & Summary of The Science Of Getting Rich.

Our unique Science Of Getting Rich App consists of two parts. The first is a chapter from the audio book and secondly a set of affirmations based on that chapter.

These affirmations can be set to play at specific times you choose and therefore become ingrained into your way of thinking and being.

Reprogram your SELF with a new positive empowering mindset.

First listen to The Science Of Getting Rich Audio Chapter, then imbed those thoughts using our powerful audio affirmations.

Simply select/deselect the hourly times when you wish to have a playback broadcast to you.

Chapter 1: The Right To Be Rich
Chapter 2: There Is A Science of Getting Rich
Chapter 3: Is Opportunity Monopolized?
Chapter 4: The First Principle in The Science of Getting Rich
Chapter 5: Increasing Life
Chapter 6: How Riches Come To You
Chapter 7: Gratitude
Chapter 8: Thinking in The Certain Way
Chapter 9: How To Use The Will
Chapter 10: Further Use of The Will
Chapter 11: Acting in The Certain Way
Chapter 12: Efficient Action
Chapter 13: Getting into The Right Business
Chapter 14: The Impression of Increase
*** Chapter 15: The Advancing Person ***