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Don’t you wish your boyfriend/girlfriend or someone to look over your phone book? Secret Drawing Phone can finish your wish!

Secret Drawing Phone is a cool phone call app that allow you to have a secret phone book. Through this app, you can create a secret gesture for your secret friend’s phone number, and drawing the gesture on this app’s drawing board to make a phone call to her/him. In additional, you can also set a "Pass-gesture" for your phone book if you need. I bet you will love this app!

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Features & Utilities:

* Create, edit, delete gestures for phone numbers
* Set a "Pass-gesture" for the phone book
* Make marks on specific phone numbers
* Elegant
* Secret
* Easy to use

How to use:

1. Enter the secret phone book:
Click the blue-button of the main page, or draw your "Pass-gesture" on main page's drawing board.

2. Add a friend:
Click the create button of phone book page.

3. Mark, edit or delete a friend:
click a friend at phone book page.

4. Make a phone call to someone:
enter main page, then draw a gesture of someone on drawing board.

5. Set/Change a "Pass-gesture" for the phone book:
enter main page, then click the menu button of your android phone, choose "Set/Change Pass-Gesture".

6. Delete/Change Pass-gesture:
click the Pass-Gesture at phone book page.

7. Reset Database:
enter main page, then click the menu button of your android phone, choose "Reset Database".

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