Serenity Meditation Audio



Completely free professionally recorded mediation audio system for Achieving Peace And Oneness

Use Serenity Meditation to...
Create profoundly relaxing and calming energy fields in any environment
Significantly deepen your massage and meditation sessions
Help instill deep rapture and relaxation during meditation
Complement your work with Profound Meditation Program by enjoying the stress-relieving, rejuvenative states of consciousness facilitated with this CD
Release fatigue after work or during your lunch break.
Let go of negativity easily
Experience a deeply relaxing natural high
Release emotional stress
Effectively reduce your stress levels and enjoy more peace of mind on a daily basis

The concept of guided audio meditation is simple, it guides you to parts of your meditative state more easily and guides you mind away with the distraction of sound more quickly giving you a more productive Meditation period. While meditating without audio is possible, audio helps bring one to the desired state more quickly.

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