Shake ON/OFF



Shake ON/OFF application allows you to lock your phone Also it allows you to again your screen ON without pressing Power button.

Application provide three way to lock and screen ON your phone

*****IMP Note**************
Please keep around 5 second interval between each SHAKE ON and OFF and vice versa

Please remove apps like task killer/ ram booster/memory cleaner etc to run this app really well.

**********First Method: Using Hand Shake*******************
First select radio button of "Using Shake" then select type of Shake

For example
If you want to lock phone using vertical shake and want to open screen using Horizontal Shake.You have to select Shake type from application: Vertical OFF Horizontal ON

And for vice versa select Horizontal OFF Vertical ON

If you want to lock and unlock screen any type of Shake then select any type shake

Different devices has different shake sensitivity
change default shake sensitivity according to your choice and make shake hard or easy. it upto you.
you can change sensitivity from 100 to 999 (enough for all devices)

**********Second Method: Using Smart Cover*******************
if you have Pouches or flip type cover for your device which covers your skin of device then this option helpful to you.

This option allows you to ON/OFF screen by using phone's cover.If you Off phone's cover,screen will automatically OFF and If you open cover, screen will be automatically ON

For this method proximity sensor required into device otherwise not work this method

**********Third Method: Using Hand over *******************

Very simple and Recommended method

Also when your cover veil your device, Device will automatically locked with screen OFF and when your cover unveil your device
screen will automatically ON

For this method proximity sensor required into device otherwise not work this method


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How to Uninstall
There are two method to uninstall this application

#### Method 1 #####

$ First open this application

$ If Active Toggle button is ON then turn OFF it.

$ Now uninstall as usual

###### Method 2 #####
Go Settings->Security-> Select device administrators->Shake ON/OFF (unselect checkbox)
Now uninstall as usual

"Shake ON/OFF" doesn't use any tricky way to prevent uninstalling. It just uses a system level permission (Device Policy Manager) to turn screen off which needs the user's confirmation. The user need to remove the permission authorization before uninstalling this app.

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