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Fundraising for your school is simple, fun, and completely free with Shoparoo. Join the thousands of schools nationwide that are earning hundreds and thousands of dollars every year through the Shoparoo app.

Shoparoo rewards your school for the shopping you already do. Simply snap pictures of your everyday shopping receipts to earn cash donations and sweepstakes entries for your school. Shop anywhere & buy anything - it’s that easy!

* Fun fact: Last school year, schools across the U.S. earned more than $800,000 just by snapping pictures of receipts with the Shoparoo app! *


~ Fundraising's a snap with the Shoparoo app. No cutting and collecting labels or selling door-to-door. Just snap pictures of your everyday shopping receipts right from your phone to earn cash for your school.

~ Every receipt earns! Receipts from retailers that sell grocery products earn cash donations for your school every time, and receipts from restaurants and other retailers earn entries for your school in monthly and yearly sweepstakes worth up to $15,000.

~ Unlike other fundraisers, it doesn’t matter where you shop or what you buy - Shoparoo will reward you for every shopping receipt!

~ Be rewarded extra for referring friends, completing short surveys, scanning barcodes, and submitting receipts every week.

~ Fun grade competitions make Shoparoo a natural (free!) school spirit builder. Which grade will win this month? Keep submitting receipts to climb to the top of your school's leaderboard!

~ Great for grandparents and other family or friends who want to support your school from afar!

Don’t have a school to support? You can also use Shoparoo to donate your receipts to support the victims of natural disasters by selecting the American Red Cross as your cause.


“Shoparoo has been the easiest way for our school to raise much needed funds! Our school actually earns money for having our parents do what they do every day anyway: SHOP! Our school will use our Shoparoo funds to benefit our students in need. The money goes into an account entitled Kids Helping Kids and we will be able to reach out to many more students this coming school year because of the ease of Shoparoo!”

“Easier than clipping Box Tops (for me)...I love this app - I just snap a picture of the receipt, it takes a couple moments and then I’m on my way to sending a few bucks to my school. No piles, no scissors. Two thumbs up from me!”

“With just a few clicks on your smartphone, you are earning money for your school... Have some fun competition with your friends to see who can earn more points … Such a fun and easy way to earn money for your school. I don't know why everyone doesn't use it?!

"Wow this is an awesome app - we just started at our school and only have about 20 people so far but we already have 19,800 Roo Points. I love this app and that it supports our schools!"

“Works for the technically challenged! The app is a breeze to use...I can go to Shoparoo any time to see our progress which is exciting as well. To those other seniors who may want to help, this app is friendly for the technically challenged. Kudos to Shoparoo!”

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