Shopping necessary for us now



In daily shopping, this will prevent you from forgetting purchase.
I suppose this targets are groceries (foods and daily necessaries) chiefly.

- The shopping list is made by an easy operation that chooses items to be bought from the catalog.
- Checking what bought on the shopping list
- Stock control of regular stock
- Freely editing the catalog (The category can be edited, too)
- Auto saving
- [Upgrade!] Input each item's memo (price, place, expiration date, arbitrary memo, one-time memo erased when the shopping ends)
- [Upgrade!] Sorting lists by the attributes (The tabs of the categories, too)
- [New!] App Widget (Numbers of items that you bought and are scheduled to buy, The short cut buttons to lunch Shopping List Screen and Catalog Edit Screen)
- [New!] Backup/Restore (CSV file format)
- [New!] Group displaying in shopping list (category and place)
- A banner advertising (Because of this, the network access is generated)
- Online help (Sorry. Not updated yet)

- Paid application (No advertising)
- Expired Item Screen
- Edit Place Screen
- Grouping items (For example, reflecting a group of recipe ingredients in the shopping list collectively)
- A Stylish Looking
- Performance improving

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