Shri Rudram



Mahastro presents this Great hymn in the form of an App with unique and useful features
that facilitates the devotees of lord shiva in expressing their prayers and salutations.


The app is fully functional with all the special features listed below WITHOUT any limitations.

This App is specially designed to accommodate Unique Features like :-

1. Gurukulam way of learning.(Coming soon !!!)
2. Multi language support (Sanskrit, English, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and more to be included)
3. Text Auto Scroll relative to the Audio.
4. Text Highlighted in a bigger size in the middle of the screen.
5. Two speed levels.
6. Search utility for easy traversing.

A word of caution to those who wants to learn and chant 'Sri Rudram':

It is best advised and recommended to initially start learning any Vedic Hymn
from an adept GURU and then to follow further practice with the help of
any tools such as this app.

One should consider Vedic chanting to be a very sensitive and a serious matter.
Because if not properly chanted, it may even yield negative results.
Unlike a sloka or stotram, for a Vedic Hymn, it needs special attention to its technicalities.
Rishis of old have deviced many rules and regulations to be followed when reciting a vedic hymn.
Vedic hymn includes many complex concepts in its structure like,
specific duration to the letters when uttering them (dheergam, hrasvam and plutam),
Intonations to the mantras(Udata, Anudata and Svarita) and meter or chandas
that tells the structure of the mantra and many such things.

Once these concepts are understood, then it is very much easy to follow
and will be immensely helpful while practicing and reciting.

Know what Shri Rudram is :

'Shri Rudram' is a Vedic hymn that forms a part of Yajur Veda.

A Prayer is something that we place as our request or demand to our favourite deity.
But a Salutation is something that we praise the attributes of our dearest lord
and cherish those attributes in the form of bhakti.

This beautiful and unique vedic hymn is set in such a way that,
it is not only a prayer to Lord Shiva but is also a beautiful rhythmic salutations
(Namah:) that we offer to our dear lord Shiva.

There is no other Vedic mantra that has this unique feature as in 'Shri Rudram' that,
the word 'Namah:'(i.e, salutation) is attached to each and every divine name of the supreme lord.
Though this looks very much similar to a naamaavali, it is much greater and supreme,
as it forms a part of our holy veda.

There is a famous saying that goes like this ...
** " camakaṁ namakaṁ caiva pauruṣasūktaṁ tathaiva ca
nityaṁ trayaṁ prayuñjāno brahmaloke mahīyate " **

Meaning -- He whoever recites Namakam and Chamakam along with Purusa Sooktam
on a daily basis, will be honoured in Brahmaloka.

The great Sayanacharya, who has made a complete commentaries on all the four veda,
has mentioned in his veda bhasyam about 'Shri Rudram', that it has its uniqueness
in being a part of both karma(materialistic plane) and jnyana(spiritual plane).
Which means, for one who aspires for material prosperity(prayers with desires is karma)
is also granted and with contrast to this, for those who aspires for knowledge alone
without any desire and its fruits, will also be fulfilled.(i.e, is moksha or liberation).

There is so much greatness attached to 'Shri Rudram' that the list will never end.
One has to experience for himself.

When Rudram as such is referred, it means both the Namakam and Chamakam part together only.
Namakam includes the salutations and Chamakam includes our prayers, each forming 11 anuvakas
to resemble the 11 forms of Rudra.

Note : As Namakam itself is a considerable lengthy hymn,
we have made the Chamakam as a separate app similar to this one.

May Lord Shiva Bless all.

Om Namah Shivaya.

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