Sikh Coins

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    This is a "must-have" app for all Sikh Coin collectors. It will translate numbers in Persian and Gurmukhi into English and calculate the year in which the coin was minted.
    Use the one of a kind tools to search the translation gallery or draw and search for the translation.
    Once you have the translated numbers enter them into the calculator to get the modern year the coin was minted in.

    Sikhs first produced coins in VS (Vikrami Sambat) 1767-1772 which is AD1710-1715 and began to produce coins under the Misl rule regularly from the year VS1822 which is AD1765.
    The Sikh Empire excelled during the rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and this also increased the production of the coinage. Many people continue to collect the much sought after history of the Sikh Empire in the form of coins of the Sikhs. The coins themselves remain the direct link to the history of the Sikhs.

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