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Simple Mirror is an mirror app that uses Android Camera.(which is not available in the terminals that do not have a camera on the inside).It takes a long time when is the mirror instead Android Camera, doesn't it? To eliminate that problem is Simple Mirror.Start the instantly inside camera when launch the app,Display the optimum screen size for the terminal.Please try once, Some people had awry in the other mirror app!


[terminal operation test]
Nexus 7 (Android 4.1.1)
MOTOROLA ISW11M (Android 2.3.4)
HTC EVO 3D (Android 4.0.3)
Xperia acro IS11S (Android 2.3.4)
XPERIA arc SO-01C (Android 2.3.2)
INFOBAR A01 (Android 2.3.3)
GALAXY NEXUS SC-04D (Android 4.0.2)

[A test other than mobile terminal]
NW-Z1050 (Android 2.3.4)

[The main features]
1) automatically calculates the optimal size of the terminal
Designed to calculate the optimal resolution of terminal use to get the aspect ratio automatically. There is a possibility that in the present application is solved even if distorted in other applications. Please try!

2) Pause button
Because you just shifted a little different from the real mirror and a camera, I was equipped with the ability to pause. This feature allows you to check to where you do not reach the eyes, such as the back of the head!

3) Exclusion of unnecessary privileges
In order to use with confidence to the customer, I have few privileges as possible. Communication and advertising network for the acquisition, this app is the only hardware controls to use the camera. It may also be added in version up, in that case always in the Announcements.

Because there are a lot of machine-dependent compared to normal apps, app to control (such as a camera) of Android hardware is quite a few cases that do not operate by the terminal. Because it can not be tested in all the terminals have been released, so it may not work even if you can install, thank you for your understanding in advance.

[Feature List]
Function and operation is stopped
(Does not work depending on the model) brightness adjustment
(Does not work depending on the model) zoom function

[related words]
Mirror, mirror, mirror, hand mirror, Vanity mirror

[For permission (authorization)]

(Full internet access) network communication

We are used to when the ad placement and app ads.

(Photo and video shooting) control of the hardware

It is necessary permissions to access the camera. Become essential to the characteristics of the application.

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