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Record what secrets you're spilling in the middle of the night

  • Find out what mysterious mumblings you might be uttering whilst zonked
  • Calibrate sound levels for your room
  • Sharing function doesn't work (at least not for me)

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"If you talk in your sleep, don't mention my name"

Sleep is goofy. Some folks are solid rocks through til the morning, but most of us toss and turn at least a few times in the night. Plenty of us snore, and a select handful of us get downright chatty. MadinSweden's Sleep Talk Recorder opens an audio window into the scintillating and heretofore clandestine realm of sleeptalking.

Calibrate the sensitivity of the recorder before you conk out; let the app figure out minimum and maximum levels of sound input in your bedroom. Set a delay if you like, then place your device not far from where you'll be slumbering merrily away. If you make sound during the night that hits the sweet spot in the calibration, the app will record whatever brilliance you're spewing for your surprise and delight come morning.

Save a history of your recordings so that you can share your life's minutiae with friends and family. You can also theoretically post your best to the "top-list," but when I tried to listen to the highest ranked listings, the app force closed. Too bad - I was really jazzed to hear "Bass fart" from a user in Great Britain.

MadinSweden's Sleep Talk Recorder is as goofy as sleep itself.

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Nov 15, 2013

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