Slowcooker Recipe of the Day P



Slow Cooker Recipes shall bring to you a new slow cooker recipe every day!

>> No need to browse a long list of Recipes.

>> Simply open the App and you will see a new slow cooker recipe for the day. With over

200+ recipes to choose from - you will have wide variety of options!

>> If you do not like the recipe for the day. You have the option to tap the "Random"

button to see another recipe!

>> If you like any recipe - Add it to the Favorites!

>> Feel like sharing the Recipe? - Share via Email, Facebook and SMS!

>> Set-up Automatic Reminders - To get daily reminders for a new Recipe!

The App includes the following Recipes:

* 16 Bean Soups
* All Day Slow Cooker Delight
* All Day Macaroni and Cheese
* Apple Brown Better
* Apply Butter
* Slow Cooker Artichoke, Chicken and Olives
* Slow Cooker Autumn Chicken
* Slow Cooker Aztec Black Beans
* Slow Cooker Baked Beans
* Slow Cooker and Chipotle Burritos
* Slow Cooker Carne Gisada
* Slow Cooker Catalina Ribs
* Slow Cooker Dressing
* Slow Cooker Fruit Dessert

* plus Many More!

=> Complete App Features:

* Over 200+ Recipes!
* View Random Recipes!
* Mark Any Recipe as Favorite!
* Share via Facebook, Email & SMS!
* Set-up Reminders for Any Time of the Day!
* Universal App - Works with iPod, iPad and iPhone!
* Fast Loading Pages - No Internet Connection Required!

With the help of this App, you can cook delicious and time saving meals for your family

with less effort using a slow cooker.

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