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StealthGenie gives you a chance to monitor your employees covertly and thoroughly. While CCTV cameras would only show you what employees do in front of the camera and key-loggers can only provide information about what employees use their computers for, both of these methods are widely used and most employees are aware of them. This is where StealthGenie, covertly installed into their phones, can give you access to each and every detail of their cell phone usage. This means no sneaky phone calls, no secret text messages and certainly no tell-it-all emails can go undetected.

What Features Can Come in Handy

Following are some of the features of StealthGenie that are most useful as far as employee monitoring is concerned:

Call Related Features – If you are worried that your employees might be sneaking into the corridor to make personal calls from their official phone or are just worried that your sales staff is not doing their job right, StealthGenie lets you get full access to your employee’s call records with full details of call times and durations. You can also record their calls if you wish to collect evidence for when you need it.

SMS Monitoring – StealthGenie not only gives you full access to the SMS logs of your employee’s phones, it also lets you look at the content of every SMS message sent from or received on the target phone.

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