SMS Lie Detector



Sonjoyi character analysis (character lie detector) text message (SMS) to analyze the contents of the will is false is true life experience of 29 years of experience in life too much work to angyeokeobon sanjeonsujeon of greenhouse plants and the desire to be free like a long time ago, and liberal coolest car I have bought the traditionaI not really scary to see life can not again kalchigi ahkkawoseo chiljeong Gandhi road cheeks overflowing humanism Lighting a reversed sleep wake up to a mistake even sent any right or broadcast without the razor-earlier Umm keen insight in the cool, cool, president of the sonjoyi the content of his character and integrity, depending on the circumstances the probability (%) and a detailed analysis will head = clearing danhan usage = 1. After the execution of applications [sonjoyi character analysis] check and application to shut down (Oh Barry Barry's simple ㅋ) 2. Since then, the character comes to character analysis started (woah, Amazing ~ ㅋ) = ear plug when you need it = 1. The contents of the character's got a thorn in the same faith receives angaseo seuteuresseu soksanghago sucks 2. Testimony to the character contents of the reply, but I like the andeulttae (testimony with a letter from the idea itself, you are already chaingeoim) 3. Frequently when the characters lie to your friends 4. Professional counselors as chairman at the time of sending and receiving letters sonjoyi advisor + advisors + life + senior + drunk when needed 5. The advantage of this application yamettae = = 1. There are 2. Sonjoyi (sonjoy) president earns money. (Sonjoyi President beonmankeum sseuni your money work for your company to make money without getting fired from the company allows you to continue working: a good sister, a good brother-in-law, kkwongmeokgo dalmeokgo Sam, you've got nothing to lose reverse, let's put off the fire). jade ※ to Goku two refresher save the planet as your chi sonjoyihoejangyi collect your money district myeotbaekwonssik sense that peace and disadvantages of this application = = 1. Hidden away? Of protest, Letters, anti-fan of the quality of the keyboard warriors kakaohtok: sonjoy Email: suikgeumjung part of the application for the development of the Republic of Korea sonjoyi chairman of the sports industry will be used as a non-billiard.

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